Success Coaching

We can help you to be successful. Are you seeking a trusted professional person who can help you to understand what will make you happy and lead a successful life?

We will work with you to understand:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses: What is it that you are good at
  • Your interest, talent and passion: What is it that you are interested in
  • Your knowledge and experience: Where is it that you stand in your professional career
  • Your real value: How much you can be valued in the labor market
  • Your dream career ambition: Where is it that you want to be
  • Your dream come true: What is the missing gap

We can advice and coach you with:

  • One on one session with 10+ yrs experienced career coach (USA, India and Mongolia)
  • Competency based professional realistic evaluation
  • Personality based career testing
  • Individual career counseling
  • World class leadership training
  • Customized professional skill training
  • Employer and salary insights
  • International education advancement: International student admission, scholarship, visa and survival success tips
  • Return home nationals: REPAT market value, employer brand insights, success tips
  • Family relocation: Market tips on real estate, home ownership, rental, schools and spouse job employment opportunities

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