Career Management

We can help you to manage your career better if you have the determination to succeed but desire expert guidance to reach your goal. 

Whether you're searching for a new job in your current field, considering a career change, aiming to move within your company, or returning to work after job loss or a prolonged absence, or returning home from abroad after completing your school or work/ family relocating Global Career Management Consulting’s experienced career professionals can partner with you to design strategies to maximize your skills and talents in the pursuit of your next opportunity.

We will work with you to:

  • Assess your current situation and identify your assets
  • Evaluate your portfolio and discover your potentials
  • Get you started and set career goals and target
  • Explore your options and examine your opportunities
  • Develop strategies to optimize your skills and talents
  • Enhance your industry, sector and market knowledge
  • Increase your performance, market value and job satisfaction
  • Excel at your choice of career and change for need
  • Push the limit and tap the opportunity and overcome challenges
  • Motivate your self and lead and manage the career change 
  • Achieve successful life by finding work life balance

We will work with you to understand what is it that you are good at and what is it that you are interested in and where is it that you stand in your professional career and how much you can be valued in the labor market and where is it that you want to be and what is the missing gap. 

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Success Coaching

We can help you to be successful. Are you seeking a trusted professional person who can help you to understand what will make you happy and lead a successful life?

We will work with you to understand:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses: What is it that you are good at
  • Your interest, talent and passion: What is it that you are interested in
  • Your knowledge and experience: Where is it that you stand in your professional career
  • Your real value: How much you can be valued in the labor market
  • Your dream career ambition: Where is it that you want to be
  • Your dream come true: What is the missing gap

We can advice and coach you with:

  • One on one session with 10+ yrs experienced career coach (USA, India and Mongolia)
  • Competency based professional realistic evaluation
  • Personality based career testing
  • Individual career counseling
  • World class leadership training
  • Customized professional skill training
  • Employer and salary insights
  • International education advancement: International student admission, scholarship, visa and survival success tips
  • Return home nationals: REPAT market value, employer brand insights, success tips
  • Family relocation: Market tips on real estate, home ownership, rental, schools and spouse job employment opportunities

Book an individual coaching session with uri ($200/hr)

Leadership Development

Develop your people and improve your culture and achieve great results and accomplish your vision. People are the greatest asset of your company. Innovative companies are constantly investing in their human resource development and driving performance and building leadership brand that attract, develop and keep tomorrow's employees today.

Organizational transformation comes from individual transformation. We believe in ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. We believe leadership starts with self realization, taking ownership with their job and inspiring others to work with their core being. We believe everyone is a learner, everyone is a leader and everyone can make a positive impact. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you to widen your competitive advantage and close your competitive gap and make you the leader.


  • Training scope: Personal Leadership ~ Professional Etiquete ~ Professional Service ~ Public speaking
  • Workshop: Team building ~ Team empowerment ~ Vision & Strategy & Value
  • Key note speaking: Leadership ~ Communication ~ Vision & Strategy & Value
  • Team size: Minimum 10 people
  • Training duration: 2-10 session
  • Training cost: Depends on the training need, please enquire
I am glad that we have received leadership development training from GCMC. Because it came just in time to boost our spirit and performance. As a new team, we needed to realize our vision, mission and values and understand the synergy we can create as a team and work together to accomplish our goal. Personal leadership session was very instrumental for me and for my colleagues to look into our selves in a leadership perspective, understand our core values, strengths and weaknesses and gain confidence to be our best at anything we do and develop action plans to reach our potential fully. Team empowerment training enabled our team to create shared vision and values that reflect each and every member’s value. During the training, we learned about each other’s values, dreams and aspirations which helped our team bond more and made us stronger and inspired us that together we can make anything possible. I highly recommend GCMC’s effective and transformational training because it is very innovative and inspirational at personal level and empowering and energizing for the team. !

G. Munkhorgil, Sales Manager, MT Group

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Professional Group Training


Do you need to keep your competitive edge in the market? Train your staff in industry knowhow, international standards and practices with world leaders. With our experience and in-depth understanding of the Mongolian market’s need for professional development program to develop and retain the best talent, we are offering international training packages that are customized to client's specific needs with our partnership institution in USA.

  • Training scope: You ask, we provide.
  • Team size: Minimum 10 people
  • Training duration: 7-10 days
  • Training place: Mongolia and  USA
  • Training cost: Depends on the training need, please enquire

Organizations that participated in our training: 


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HR Employment Management Outsourcing

Your employees’ talents and skills drive your business success.

GCMC is professional team of certified Human Resource Management professionals, about state or federal laws, health care reform, employee relations, HR services and HR Outsourcing.

Our professionals will provide you with best practice consultation to help you make informed, compliant decisions. GCMC's provides essential information, including a sample of employee handbook and employment law summaries.

Employee Background Screening and Selection - Make people selection easier and reduce hiring risks with background screening services. Focus on the process for sourcing, hiring, developing and retaining your company’s human capital management.

HR Outsourcing

For many businesses, day to day HR management and administrative tasks take valuable time and resources away from achieving critical strategic goals. By serving as your HR department, GCMC can provide HR management and administration support you need so you can focus on your strategic objectives.

Our comprehensive HR outsourcing solution can help you transform the way you manage your organization by delivering a comprehensive human resources management solution that includes payroll and tax filing, employee assistance, training programs and HR administration. For more information please contact us:

HR Consulting


Our mission is to help our national and international clients viagra pas cher attract, select, develop, and retain the best talent possible. GCMC”s HR Consulting Services helps our clients to develop integrated strategies to improve their Talent Acquisition, Retention, Development & Performance Management Process.

To ensure organizational effectiveness, growth and performance in an ever changing, highly competitive business environment, we offer consulting services, tools and products in the following areas:


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

GCMC builds world-class talent and resourcing capability for leading organizations across Mongolia, based in the shared belief that people are the foundation for success. As a trusted advisor, we deliver range of measurable solutions through integrated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and consultancy services. Listening to our clients, these services have been blended over the years to deliver significant financial, performance and competitive benefits for many of the leading companies. GCMC pioneered Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the Mongolian Market since 2011. Since then we have been listening the market and have never stopped delivering innovative solutions.


When you work with GCMC, you will access our unique blend of speed, quality and experience. Most of our headhunters and recruiters have more than 5 years of work experience, and all are required to attend our intensive recruitment training programme.

GCMC's in-house research team is dedicated to 'mapping' the market in search of top quality talent for our clients and to include in our pre-qualified talent database - one of the largest in Mongolia.

GCMC is different than any other recruitment agency in Mongolia because we blend the knowledge we have gained from over 9 years of experience in USA and Mongolia with our innovative recruitment process and assessment services developed by our in-house Research and Development center.

Contact GCMC and let us talk about how we can help with your professional recruitment efforts today.

Head Hunting

GCMC will identify, approach and attract the best people in your industry then rigorously screen them to identify their suitability and motivators.

We have provided local and expatriate recruitment and headhunting services for both National level conglomerate groups and Mongolian subsidiary of International companies in the sector of Investment, Catering, Oil and Petroleum, Engineering, Infrastructure, Mining exploration and Drilling, Hard Commodity Trading and Logistics, and related service providers doing business in Mongolia for the last two years. We have conducted exclusive, confidential search mandates and successfully headhunted and placed some of the key members of the organization, in the roles of Country Manager, Executive Director, Operations Manager, CEO, CFO, CIO, HR Manager, Director, Head of Business Development department, Investment Specialist, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Sales Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Procurement Manager, Logistic Manager, and Warehouse Manager. Some of the challenges include time sensitive, highly confidential, hard to fill positions in a start-up, restructuring and expansion stage of the clients.

Our Unique Retained Service - What makes us different?

The preferred process of Executive Recruitment as GCMC Headhunters can guarantee the highest levels of Service and Research.



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