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GCMC Group can be e a one stop solution for job seekers. In a sense GCMC Group helps job seekers understand who they are and who they are not and who they can be and where they stand in labor market, and raise their value. We coach job seekers to reach their potential and unleash their full potential.

GCMC Group can help job seekers find the right place and the right job by utilizing their skills knowledge and experience and talent. We can help  you become a part of a great team and most importantly make the right match between employers and employee.

Success story

“I helped this guy who was in his mid 30’s. It was evident that he had exceptional people skill, business development skill, and he had a good financial/ accounting background. In addition, he had the right the attitude, proper education, and  relevant experience in the mining industry. He went to one of the world’s top international schools. He worked for one of the biggest international companies in Mongolia, but he was in a position where he was stuck. He did not have a career advancement option. He was bored doing the same thing over and over, and eventually he started to lose his confidence and interest. He wanted to change his career but he did not know where to begin. Our paths crossed somehow and I approached him, which was a very surprise call for him. I noticed that he did not realize his full potential. We started to work together on his inner self and gain confidence and help him realize what he could become and I helped him find his missing puzzle. He was offered a new and challenging opportunity. I shifted his managerial role to a leadership role. He had all the basics and all he needed was a little bit of boost. He needed to apply his skills to a bigger challenge and a bigger task(s). The new job that he was offered was matching only 75% of who he was. In other words, the rest 25% of the required skills for this job - he did not have it. He needed to see things from a different angle, external relations experience, and we needed to shift that skills to business development role through a series of coaching session. He now absolutely loves his new job and earns five times more than what he earned a year ago.”
-Uri, CEO and Founder

As you can learn from the above mentioned example, our head hunting team can help you advance your skills and fully engage in what you love  to do in a workforce. We can also help you use the financial statements as a tool to manage the business profitably and make financial decisions to make the shifts happen at the right time and at the right place.

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