26 Jul

I recently came across this article, published in Business Insider, while browsing through a friend's career blog. The article gives us (jobseekers or not) an inside take on how recruiters "scan" through the candidates' resumes. It highlights the importance of writing a clear and concise resume that would catch the recruiter's eye.

This is an article you would not want to miss.

Here is an excerpt from the article: 

...recruiters spend an average of "six seconds before they make the initial 'fit or no fit' decision" on candidates.


Read more:

21 Jun

The Holland code is developed by Psychologist John. H. Holland in order to identify ideal careers and occupational choices based upon the personality types. "RIASEC" Each letter is a code that identifies a personality type. The 6 personality types according to the letter codes are:

1. Realistic (doers)- building, fixing, working outdoors

2. Investigative (thinkers)- researching, thinking, experimenting

3. Artistic (creators)- creating, designing, expressing

4. Social (helpers)- helping, teaching, encouraging

5. Enterprising (persuaders)- leading, selling, persuading

6. Conventional (organizers)- organizing, categorizing, recording

Just like any other test, it is flawed and will not be a 100% true. However, taking the test does direct you to explore certain career paths you might enjoy and encourage you to realize and value certain personality traits you possess.

Here is a link you can go to and find out about your personality type according to the Holland code.


18 Jun

The world is based on relationships; either good or bad. In a business environment especially, learning to make a good first impression is very important in long term business relationships. Since most people are in a hurry, it is most effective to have an "Elevator Speech" ready for any time you might meet a potential investor or ideal employer. 

The Elevator Speech (or Elevator pitch) is exactly what the name implies. A quick speech that flows like a normal conversation and gives an overview of you when taking the elevator with someone (or anywhere else for that matter).

The "Elevator Speech" is unique as it prepares you to introduce yourself, your goals/ambitions, qualifications and summation of your business to someone in no more than 30 seconds. This speech will enable you to network with important people when you do not have enough time to carry out a full conversation. Addtionally, the speech can be tailored to the specific employer or investor you would be speaking with.

Elevator Speeches are the easiest marketing and networking tools and a skill all businessmen or anyone determined to develop their career should acquire.

 Here are some links to video examples of Elevator Speeches and tips on how to make one.

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